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Florida Lotto Tickets are very easy to buy. All you have to do is to click on the link Play and pick up the numbers.


Florida Lotto is among the largest state lotteries in the U.S., however it has drastically changed since its launch on 7 May, 1988. It is run by Florida Lottery, a government-run organization which organizes lots of lottery type games throughout Florida. Since the beginning it was all going according to the plan for this lottery – it took only 21 days to find their first jackpot winner - $14 million for a single family. In 1991 December they advertised a Millionaire month were they promised a minimum of $10 million jackpot for each drawing.

Florida Lotto since its introduction held a 6/49 drawing format which brought new millionaires frequently. However, due to the Powerball introduction in the Florida state, Florida Lotto tickets sales reduced and the organizers had to experiment with the rules and jackpots in order not to be overshadowed by a larger multi-state lottery. Therefore, the main game format was changed to 6/53 and kept like this since then.

Florida Lotto was introduced not only as an opportunity for someone to become an instant millionaire but also as a means for improving local education. This is way up until these days Florida lotto remains as one of the most generous lotteries in the world not only giving 35% of the revenue to the special funds but also providing a lot of additional help on tragic occasions such as for cities damaged by hurricanes, floods and etc.

Interesting fact:

Florida Lotto is the only lottery in the world that has offered a multiplier option for the jackpot win, but not the lower tier winnings which had cost an additional $2 or $3. Suffice to say, that the option did not seem attractive to the players and was removed after approximately one year.

Prizes and Odds

The odds for winning the jackpot offered by Florida lotto are among the best there ever was. This is mainly because there are no additional numbers drawn to the main 6 numbers. However, for the same reason there are only 5 winning tiers in comparison to Powerball\'s 9 tiers or EuroMillions' – 12 tiers. To win anything you should guess correctly 2 balls out of six drawn. Even though this, the lowest tier does not give cash prizes it awards the player with a free ticket for the next drawing. For additional tiers players have to guess 3, 4 or 5 out of 6 balls drawn. In order to win the jackpot you have to get right all 6 balls.

Florida Lotto Odds

As you see above, the odds for winning the jackpot are just above 1 in 22 million. These are actually very good odds because other lotteries offer the odds that are 5 or even 25 times worse. For example, EuroMillions jackpot odds are 1 in 116 million while SuperEnalotto jackpots requires 1 in 622 million chance of winning. Lower tier odds are above average if compared to the other lotteries, however an overall chance of winning is very similar whereas only EuroMillions gives overall odds of 1 in 13.

Also, Florida Lotto offers a multiplier option for non-jackpot winnings – Lotto Xtra. The option is very similar to the one that other American Lotteries offer, for example, Mega Millions Megaplier option or Powerball\'s Powerplay. This feature to Florida lotto was introduced after an unsuccessful attempt to present a unique feature – multiplier for the jackpot. Lotto Xtra, however is a very popular option among players because it allows to multiply one\'s non-jackpot winnings by up to 5 times. Moreover, not only Florida Lotto launched an extra winning tier exclusive to the Lotto xtra players but also they guarantee a x5 multiplier for those players who correctly guess 3 out of 6 numbers.


Florida Lotto ticket is as ordinary as any other ticket – you have columns with numbers up to 53. You can choose your own numbers by selecting them on the ticket or allow the computer to use the quick pick option and pick out the numbers for you. Also, you can select the different numbers to play for the same drawing by choosing the six numbers at as many columns as you want. Or again, just ask your ticket retailer to do this for you. The standard ticket would look like:

FloridaLotto Ticket Preview

A standard ticket price is $1 per play. Any player may choose to play also Lotto Xtra for an additional cost of $1. The lottery is available available from land retailers all over the state of Florida. Do not worry if you are not from Florida – now you can purchase a ticket from anywhere in the world online.

Who is eligible

To be eligible to play do not have to be Florida resident – you may live in Europe, China, Australia or anywhere else in the world. All you need is 18 years to play. One you reach that age your are good to go. Purchasing a lottery ticket online 100% safe and very simple. Within a few mouse clicks you may order yourself a ticket and kickback – we will notify you about everything.


Notable Wins

Florida Lotto is played since 1988 and the most interesting thing is that its biggest jackpot ($106 million) was won just two years of operating. There was a very close attempt to break the record ten years later - in 2000 when the jackpot exceeded $80 million, however it was won. Other big wins include $55 million the first year that Florida Lotto was launched(1988) as well as $52 million win in 2010. More details about some of the wins can be found below.

  • $106 million – it took only two years to reach this milestone win. The jackpot was won on September, 1990 by even 6 people. Before the taxes, they each received an amazing $17.75 million.
  • $81,6 million - a lottery syndicate called Whispering Pines Lottery Trust of New Port Richey had won this jackpot on 29 March, 2000. As there was only one ticket the payout hit the record as the biggest single payout in the Florida Lotto history.
  • One of the most extraordinary drawings was held on 5 February, 2005. At that time, the multimillion jackpot was won by 7 tickets – two of which were never claimed. The three more tickets had been purchased by the same man – Roberto Musa who did get 3 shares out of 7 of that particular approximately $31 million jackpot.

Revenue distribution

Florida Lotto is truly one of the most generous lotteries of the planet. It was initially started as meant to collect money ion order to improve the quality of education in the state. So far, Florida lottery has issued over $8 billion dollars to various funds supporting education in Florida. Standard ticket price $1 is distributed to the charity funds, the prizepool, retailers and as profit to the organizer – Florida lottery. Unclaimed funds are divided to two parts: 80% goes to Education funds and 20% are added to the prizepool. Out of $1 in sales exactly 50% goes to the prizepool :

  • The jackpot receives 31.75% + the sum from the rollover;
  • 6.15% - to the 5 out of 6 pool;
  • 5.00% - to the 4 out of 6 pool;
  • 7.10% - to the 3 out of 6 pool;
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